The Cossack Cats are the first antagonists of An American Tail. The novelization calls them Cat-Sacks, though they are never referred to by name in the film.

Role in the film

They were seen attacking Shostka, Russia and terrorizing the mice at the same time their human counterparts were engaging in an anti-Jewish pogrom. Fievel Mousekewitz tries to fend them off with a pot and spoon but is chased, and only narrowly escapes being eaten. Then they retreat when they failed to eat Fievel. Their fate is unknown, though several cats that look similar to them are seen working for the Mott Street Maulers.

Trivia and Goofs

  • They have the same snarl from Dragon the Cat from Secret of Nimh film.
  • Their breed is unknown.
  • They are a metaphor for antisemitism in the Russian Empire in the 1800's.
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